Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ash Wednesday Wisdom (the day after)

As you may know if you have frequented this location in cyberspace for a while, my wife's home planet is Pluto. Since I am very much an Earthling (although she contends I have DNA that would link me to another planet that starts with the letter 'U'), it has been ... ahem ... interesting as we have tried to chart a common course through life for the last 36 years.

As bloggers, we don't really overlap much. She does her thing, which I admire with abandon, and I do mine, for which she is very supportive. But we're different. Very different.

So when she treads on my territory, which is theology and spirituality that is informed by the language and categories of traditional theology, and does it well, she deserves a mention ... and a link. I encourage you to fly on over to the Dragonfly's lair (or whatever dragonflies have) and check out her Ash Wednesday post. It is food for the soul.

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