Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools Posts I Rejected

I seriously considered a hugely deceptive post for this date. In the end, however, I chickened out. Maybe another year.

Here are some of the ideas I entertained, however:
  • Coming out of the closet as bisexual.
  • Switching my allegiance from the Cubs to a "team to be named later."
  • Retiring from parish ministry to work full-time for the Millenium Development Goals.
  • Announcing my embrace of Islam.

Pulling something like this off is a refined art, and I'm smart enough to realize I haven't got the appropriate skills. This one, however, was done by someone who knows the craft.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ammo Fr. Dan...

My wife got me with this one this morning and of course I fell for it. KJS and Bud Selig...can there be a more unholy alliance in a game that is indeed near holy in many(read Cub fans)eyes.

Think of the promotions;

Deposition Day...come and enjoy the action fans as your applause meter determines the thumbs up or down for Orthodox Bishops not in attendance.

Run Around the Canons Day....self explanatory...

Windsor Day...Free Miters for the first 5,000 at the ballpark.

and of course there is...

Inclusion Day when Cardinal fans are invited to sit with the Bleacher Bums to share a cold one.

Fortunately my wife phoned me after the hour of pregnant internet pause to fess up to the prank.

I wept with joy.

Malcolm+ said...