Monday, August 25, 2008

A Word in Time

My "other blog"--a group effort in which I am privileged to be one of several contributors--has published an important open letter to the Anglican Communion.

We suggest this is such a crucial issue that Dr. Williams convene a meeting, preferably in person, by September 30th, to work through an agreement on the assurances of the moratoria as well as the “safe haven” for those in the American and Canadian churches who feel the need for protection. We respectfully submit that this meeting be chaired by the Archbishop of Canterbury and include the bishops of Ft. Worth, Pittsburgh, Quincy, the primate of Uganda, the primate of the Southern Cone, the presiding bishop of The Episcopal Church, the primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, the chair of the Windsor Continuation Group, and perhaps two bishops agreed to by all other parties. This meeting should be held at a neutral site without attorneys present. Such a meeting would acknowledge the urgency of the matters under consideration and give an opportunity to the parties to work through the implementation of the moratoria requested.

That may be the "meatiest" paragraph, but there rest is well worth reading. See the whole thing here.


Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...

Fr. Martins
Gave up hiding did you?

Lynn said...


In the interest of - well interest! This group has named eight people who should come to the table, with two open slots to be decided by mutual agreement. There are no open positions for those who disagree with your group - and might not meet with the approval of all involved. That is not good form for thoughtful negotiation.

In the interest of full disclosure - I blog with Fred. But he didn't suggest that I come here to read your post; I stop by now and again for my own interest - and we have similar taste in liturgical music.