Friday, December 26, 2008

An Important Conversation

Fellow Northern Indianan, newly-minted PhD, short-term missionary that my parish (modestly) helps support, and incoming editor of The Living Church--and my good friend--Christopher Wells has participated in a quite important dialogue-tiliting-toward debate with the Revd Dr William Franklin of the Anglican Centre in Rome over some of the factors underlying our current Anglican Angst. If you're a true Anglican geek, watch the whole thing (some 47 minutes). Or see the trailer here.

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Anonymous said...

Fr Dan,
Rev. Franklin might as well be speaking for TEC in this piece since he sees the problem as grievances that don't justify a schism not differences in theology. This is really an extension of a culture war to him. He even defends the resistance to the covenant on the part of TEC saying the the covenant is a "new Anglicanism". I find it odd that Rev. Wells, a "stayer" is asked to articulate the position of ACNA and am bothered that Rev Franklin is so dismissive toward those who have left TEC.
Dcn. Dale