Saturday, May 23, 2009

Taking On a New Look

This blog will be three years old in September (that's veritably ancient in "blog years"). As a matter of personal preference when I'm looking at a screen, I will usually opt for a dark background and light characters; hence, the format that you remember if this is not your first visit here. But I've received a fair number of complaints over time from people who use tools other than Blogger's default interface when, for purposes like setting off quoted text, I use colored letters that don't show up so well on light backgrounds. So you might say I'm bowing to popular demand. It's time for a change anyway.

My relative paucity of posting of late is certainly no indicator of a lack of material that I feel moved to comment on. Quite the opposite is, in fact, the case. But I have, as they say, a "day job," and on top of that, a "life." It frustrates me, because blogging is the only thing that comes close to what you could call a hobby for me. 

Anyway, here are some items that are presently gelling in the recesses of my gray matter, and which will doubtless show up in due course:

  • "Holy Women, Holy Men"--the magnum opus of the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music, available exclusively in a Blue Book near you. What are we about to do to the concept of sainthood? and is there a Trojan Horse in the neighborhood?
  • Are Episcopalians bored with the Book of Common Prayer? Judging from how we actually worship, that's the only conclusion one can come to.
  • Speaking of the BCP, is there a chance that the 1979 eucharistic lectionary may yet have new life breathed back into it? Looking at the clearly not-ready-for-primetime Revised Common Lectionary, one surely hopes so.
  • Is the Anglican Covenant text really destined to be a non-issue in Anaheim in July? (Rumor has it that the plenary sessions of General Convention will actually take place in Fantasyland.)
Let me get to percolatin' on this stuff. I can tell you can't wait.


Tom Sramek, Jr. said...

I guess the biggest question is whether General Convention will take place in Fantasyland or Tomorrowland. Time will tell...

Dale Matson said...

Fr. Dan,
"Are Episcopalians bored with the Book of Common Prayer?"
They wouldn't be so bored with it if they had a course in it from you as I have.
I like the new look to your blog site. It looks a little like ours in the DSJ.

Victorian Barbarian said...

I like the new look of the site as well.

I'm not sure about this idea that Episcopalians are bored with the BCP. Here in Fort Worth we have been following it pretty closely all along, even when some of us don't particularly like all of the 1979 changes. (I think that's true for whichever version of Fort Worth you're part of, "Southern Cone" or "continuing".)

Most of the other parishes I've visited in other dioceses (admittedly all in the South, and not that many over the last two years) seemed to be stickiing pretty close to what's in the BCP as well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fr. Dan:

I shall pray with you that the BCP Lectionary will be revived and the RCL will fade away...and I hope you are teaching BCP Worship in your "new" Diocese so that there will be others besides Deacon Dale and I who have had the treasures of the BCP opened for us by your good self. I look forward to your blogging on the Covenant, the Convention (General) and the Communion!!!

Grace and Peace!

Deacon Francie