Saturday, October 24, 2009

Check Out My Parish's Redesigned Website

We've just gone live with St Anne's Website 3.0 (it now appears among my links on the sidebar). I can't take any credit for it; it's the work of my multi-talented Assistant, the Revd Craig Uffman, who has labored heroically. Do take a look. I think you will find that it is visually attractive, intuitively functional, and exceptionally well-loaded with content. I'm proud to have it as the showcase window for St Anne's.


Fr. J said...

Hmmm... Covenant has become a parish :-)

peggy38 said...


I just looked at the site and I saw no content. Don't know if its just me. You might want to have someone with a different computer check it out.

I was the admin for my parish's website and believe me some weird stuff can happen.

Malcolm+ said...

Very good.

My only bit of professional criticism is that the slideshow of pictures on the front page are going a bit too fast, which becomes a bit of a distraction - not least because some of them appear as unfocussed and gradually gain definition. I'd suggest you might be farther ahead to have random pictures come up and simply stay there, or change very slowly. I'm not a big fan of the tracking in.

That said, if that's the biggest complaint I can come up with, it really is quite good.

Daniel Martins said...

Peggy, could it be a browser issue? I haven't got any other reports like yours.