Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Resolution B009

Here's one of my contributions to the General Convention workload.

B009   Authorize Use of 1979 Lectionary 

Martins, The Rt. Rev. Daniel

Little, The Rt. Rev. Edward; Sisk, The Rt. Rev. Mark

Resolved, the House of _______ concurring, That worshiping communities wishing to use the lectionary for Sundays and Holy Days as originally printed in the Book of Common Prayer (1979) may do so, with the permission of the Ecclesiastical Authority.

Despite the fact that all due process was observed leading up to the adoption of the Revised Common Lectionary by the 75th General Convention, there is considerable anecdotal evidence that many worshiping communities did not begin considering it until its use became mandatory on Advent Sunday 2010. Even though the RCL is now the official lectionary of this Church, it is only now effectively undergoing a period of widespread trial use. Widespread use has revealed a number of concerns. These include the way the length of some readings are edited, the general length of the appointed Psalms, a marked change in theological emphasis in the observance of All Saints' Day, among others. It seems inevitable that the RCL will be altered once again, sooner than later. In the meantime, many communities have grown attached to portions of the 1979 lectionary that have been changed or eliminated by the RCL, portions that have been significantly formative of the spiritual lives of their members. It seems just and considerate to let them, under the guidance of the Bishop, continue to use the lectionary to which they have become accustomed. 


Agnes said...

Where is the 'like' button?

Undergroundpewster said...


Remember when the RCl left out Romans 26-28 back on June 16,2010?

I can only imagine some deputies scratching their heads and wondering what is wrong with the RCL that anyone would want to use a different lectionary.

PadreTampa said...

I concur. I especially miss the BCP reading for All Saints. I also agree with the comment on the psalms. Sometimes they are too long, other times they are too short. Sometimes I wonder why a particular one was chosen.

Revrhino said...

I asked and received permission from my Bishop to remain with the BCP lectionary because I thought as a Diocesan he already had that authority without permission from General Convention. But nevertheless, I am glad this being proposed.

Bishop Daniel Martins said...

Revrhino, your bishop has a more expansive view of episcopal authority than I do. I have turned down such requests, though I prefer the old lectionary. Bishops can provide forms for occasions for which nothing official is provided. We cannot simply overrule the BCP and the lectionary.

St Michael's Episcopal Church said...

Having used the classic lectionary of the older BCP tradition all my ordained ministry, but now moving to a Rite II, RCL setting, I should get educated on the fine points of this issue.