Friday, February 01, 2013

Now See This

This is a message from several ordained and lay leaders, mostly younger (which is exciting), that is worthy of consideration. I can't sign since I'm a member of the group to whom the letter is directed. But I encourage signing.


Tregonsee said...

Being a former, cradle Episcopalian, I can't sign either. But I hope and pray that those who are qualified to do so will.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bishop Martins,
I would remind you that the Diocese of South Carolina made every effort to extend the olive branch to TEC and those in the South Carolina Lowcountry who chose to remain in TEC. The Presiding Bishop and those who align with her locally made it quite clear that they would offer no quarter to Orthodox Anglicans who stayed in the Diocese. The Diocese had no choice but to take preemptive legal measures, which, it's important to note, may wind up saving millions in legal costs by avoiding the kind of relentless litigation strategy employed elsewhere by the PB. For us to sit idly by while the PB prepares to ravage our diocese would be not only naive, but immoral. Arm-chair quarterbacking, as high-minded as it strives to be, by those who who have no direct stake is simply not helpful.


Bryan Hunter