Tuesday, July 03, 2018

2018 General Convention, Day 1

I'm going to be numbering the days of our time in Austin relative to my own experience; hence this is Day 1, even though the only thing official that has gone on is committee meetings. 

Brenda and I left Springfield on the 0600 American Airlines departure to DFW, where we enjoyed/endured a three-hour layover before the short hop to Austin. Everything rolled out smoothly--cab ride to the Hampton Inn downtown, getting settled in our room, walking the one block over to the convention center to register and receive our ever-necessary name tags. (This photo of the convention center was taken from our room.) We accomplished that work with dispatch, running into people we know and wanted to connect with briefly at nearly every turn. Stepped across the street for a seafood lunch with part of the Springfield deputation. Took some time to get the lay of the land--cruised the exhibit hall, located the meeting room for the House of Bishops. Back to our hotel room to process some emails, then, finally, over to a ballroom in the nearby Hilton for a 5:30 organizational meeting of Committee 12: Prayer Book, Liturgy, and Music, of which I am a member. We didn't do anything substantive, just some ground rules and get-to-know-you stuff. The real work begins tomorrow, when the committee will hear testimony on all resolutions having to do with the sanctoral calendar. That's invariably something of a hot potato, so it should be interesting. We concluded our agenda a little past 7:00. Brenda and I caught a delicious meal at a Chinese restaurant right across the street from our hotel.

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Unknown said...

Thank you, Bishop Martins, for doing these postings on GC2018. I truly appreciate your observations and updates.