Friday, March 09, 2007

For the Music Lover in You

One of the good friends of my my parish, a Lutheran who is sojourning with us indefinitely, has created this site on MySpace, to which I have previously referred, promoting our annual St John's Chamber Orchestra concert series. I bring it to your attention again because it has just been updated with some scrumptious stuff, to wit: A 2005 performance of the last movement of the second organ concerto of Josef Rheinberger (note to french horn fans: you will love this), with my mega-talented wife in the solo role; Morton Lauridsen's haunting Ave Maria (with our choir, under the direction of the aforementioned mega-talented wife), a 2004 performance of Howard Hanson's Fantasy Variations on a Theme of Youth, and this year's commissioned work, St John's Celebration by Max Simoncic, which you may already have heard; it's the piece that starts playing by default when the site loads.



Anonymous said...

Sojourning? It does have a nice ring - and is certainly preferable to "squatting". The welcome has been most warm from all concerned and the worship experience and intellectual stimulation supremely satisfying. And the music...simply sublime. Thanks!

Miz Minka said...

Just how did y'all get Eric Whitacre to link up to the St. John's MySpace?? I'm impressed!

And "ditto" to all Phil said about worship at St. John's. Thanks, Father Dan.

Scout said...

A horn fan does definitely love the organ piece. And your very talented wife makes it even better.