Friday, March 07, 2008

Not Guilty

I have been accused here of blocking access to this blog from a particular person. Be it known to all that I have never done so, and, in fact, do not even know how to do so were I so inclined.


Anonymous said...

Dear Fr. Dan,
I tried to comment also and my Google password would not work. Thanks for clearing up the confussion.
Please contine to pray that we may ALL come to the Lord's table TOGETHER again very soon.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you would have wanted to block Beryl anyway, but if you have a blog you ought to learn how to block posters. The day will come when you will need to block someone.

Beryl Simkins said...

First of all, I apologize if I was not really being blocked. There were 2 very hostile comments directed at me and I wanted to answer. I made numerous attempts to submit my post and kept getting a statment that I was submitting an invalid password. This is the same password I always use, and I have never recieved that statement before at any site. So I made an assumption that I had been blocked. I am soory for making a false assumption.

I appreciate the statement to me in the comments in the thread below, that you care deeply about the Diocese of San Joaquin. So do I. Like you, I also am concerned about truth, integrity, due process, and values. I have seen all these things set aside many times in our diocese for a lot of years.

I have also seen a lot of people, members of the laity, disregarded by some priests and our bishop, the very people who were charged with their care. This has all been very disillusioning for me and I have had to work to keep my focus on Christ, on what I believe, and on what is valuable and important in my understanding and appreciation of Christianity.

You say that "I," and Remain Episcopal, & 815 "are not so much interested in continuing the legitimate Diocese of San Joaquin as they[we] are in creating a new entity that sings only in one key, and is demonstably un-inclusive of the orthodox position on sexuality."

I am sure that you and I would not agree about the meaning of a Legtimate" diocese of SJ. But, I definitely do not want an entity that "sings in one key." In fact, I would have said that was the orthodox position.

For me, I love the diversity of the Episcopal Church. I have always known that there were many voices, that we are many on a Christian journey, that we take diverging paths, and that we are on different and varying legs of the journey. We don't do it alone because we do need each other; we need those diverse opinions to balance the differences, (orthodox, liberal, or whatever labels you may use), since we are only frail humans, and we cannot do this by ourselves.

I would say that I have never been much of a battler, and that I have never sought to be involved in controversy. I simply am following my conscience, living my beliefs, and I seem to be taking a stand that is distressful to some. But, it is what I must do, in the sense of truth and integrity.

Cany said...

you do, however, know how to strip your comments section of questions and reasonable posts.

Daniel Martins said...

Cany, I truly know not whereof you speak. I have never, ever, removed a comment from this blog.

Anonymous said...

The little I know of Fr. Martins, he is more than fair. He would never obstruct or, dismiss anyone's opinion. I was a student of his @ MBBS in Fresno. He and I do not agree on several issues, but he always allowed me the opportunity to express them.