Thursday, March 27, 2008

Someone Needs an Editor

Most of us regularly receive internet spam of the sort that purports to be the welcome news that the recipient is due a large sum of money, which will be made available upon the provision of certain personal financial information to facilitate the transfer of funds. It's all a scam, of course, and I rarely even give such messages a second look. But this one takes a prize for poor use of the English language. Some of these crooks could really use some help. Do you suppose they would pay for a competent editor?

My Friend

We wish to inform you that your overdue payment $1.5Million has be scheduled for payment to you through certified ATM Card which you will be only required to proceed to any ATM Cash Point to withdraw $10,000 per day till your complete payment fund are completed.

This development was as result of new payment policy revolution of 2008 carried out by the World Financial Body in collaboration with World Bank Audit unit and United Nations Policy maker unit under world bank new year payment constitution. This effort is to help the international monetary fund restrict and monitor every international transaction to avoid money laundering activities and will help us to fight against fraudulent activities from scam experts.

Furthermore you are advice to reconfirm you billing address include your full names and direct contact telephone number to the OCEANIC Bank of Benin Republic for the issuance of certified ATM Credit Card meant for your payment.
Contact information is as follows:


TELE/FAX 00229 97280821
NAME: Mrs Chi Chi

NB: note that you can only withdraw just $10,000.00 per day at the minimum of $300 per withdrawal till your fund is completed.Please do not reply to this E-mail contact the Bank immediately with the necessary information required from you so that they will commence on the proceedings.

Yours faithfully,
Mr Paul

Information Department

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