Thursday, July 05, 2018

2018 General Convention, Day 3 Supplemental

I gave testimony this evening in support of B012, which would require bishops like me to make provision for same-sex "marriage" by granting oversight of a parish wanting to have such a ceremony to the spiritual care, authority, and oversight of another bishop. Why would I support such a thing? Because it's less horrible than the alternative, which is to be required to simply permit it, with no restrictions.

The point is this: Such a practice is so sub-Christian, so destructive to the fabric of the Anglican Communion, so inimical to the gospel, that I simply cannot have my spiritual fingerprints anywhere near it. I cannot be the bishop of a priest or a community that wants to do that. Granting DEPO to a parish would be immensely painful--for me, certainly, and, I suspect, for the parish. But that pain is the lesser evil. Maintaining distance of this sort would allow me to continue being a shepherd in and among the clergy and faithful of the Diocese of Springfield, who elected me knowing full well how I would lead on this issue. So it's not just a matter of my personal conscience; it's about the integrity of the diocese.

I'm pretty much getting out of the predicting business. Testimony tonight was overwhelmingly in support of B012. But that, in itself, means very little.


C SEITZ said...


B012 will fail. BCP revision will ensue.

DEPO is unworkable. It will divide parishes not wanting it, with LGBT couple that do.

Michael Berry said...

I don't see that DEPO gets you anywhere but plausible deniability. BCP revision is the honest way to go and align doctrine with practice. As for the remaining orthodox they don't care about you except as an income stream.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your labors, Bp Dan. Prayers ascending.

C SEITZ said...

Looks like the 'compromise' is 1) no Bishop discretion, 2) slower but sure BCP revision. ALL congregations wanting ss marriage get it. Nice way to 'vote' in parishes that are divided.

There are only two matter left to clean up: 1) timing of BCP, 2) whether one generic rite or two different rites.

We now have the General Convention Congregational Church of the USA.

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you Bishop. Remember Nashotah's key motto, "Nolite...". That includes the illegitimi at Nashotah as well. Where some call themselves "orthodox", one may find the very very angry. And that epithet means "right worship", which is given by God. So, nolite!