Monday, September 18, 2006

Well Done, South Carolina

I am honored to count Father Mark Lawrence a colleague and friend in the Diocese of San Joaquin for the last nine years. As the schedule of diocesan business would have it, I was with him last Saturday when he got the phone call notifying him of his election as next Bishop of South Carolina. That was an exciting moment, and I cannot imagine that the convention in Charleston could have made a better decision. Fr Lawrence is wise, mature, balanced, intelligent, well-read, Spirit-filled, and humble--quite a rare combination of gifts! We will miss him in San Joaquin, be he will take his place in the councils of the church in a powerful and effective way, and be a salubrious influence on the emerging re-invented Anglicanism.


Grandmother said...

Thank you Fr. Dan... Nice to see your blog here.
You realize Fr. Mark won by a huge landslide on the first ballot.. They didn't announce right away because" they had to call him"...
Must have been truly wonderful.

Sorry you won't be with your friend for a while, but know this, he will indeed be with friends.
In Christ
Gloria in SC

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogsphere. I don't have time at the moment to read the "travelogue" but I'll dig into it later today. I'm looking forward it.


Anonymous said...

just a little suggestion, when you monitor your comments and make people wait for approval, they get confused and sometimes comment twice.