Sunday, April 29, 2007

To amplify...

...on my last post, which--naively, no doubt--I did not expect to cause as much of a tempest as it has: It appears that what I wrote has caused some consternation and embarrassment in some quarters, which saddens me, because such was not my intent. If I misjudged the situation and caused anyone harm as a result, I apologize. My interest is in nothing but building up the Body of Christ.

My motive in posting what I did was twofold: First, to express my dismay at the apparent continued fissiparation of orthodox Anglicanism in America, and, second, to reiterate the very important point (in my mind, at least) that we must remain engaged with the way forward as articulated by the Dar es Salaam Communique, and not use the actions of the House of Bishops last month as a pretext for abandoning that path.

I find it wholly amusing that my last paragraph, which was a somewhat random afterthought, has been exegeted as somehow connected with what went before it. There is no connection! (Except in the imagination of my heart.)

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