Monday, September 08, 2008

Still Here

My blogging persona has been largely AWOL of late, owing to the demands of my day job (people getting sick and/or dying, beginning of parish program year, getting ready for some traveling, etc.) and real life in general (maintaining family relationships, getting stuff done around the house, etc.). This is better, I suppose, than not having anything to say. I've had plenty to say, just no time in which to say it! So, thanks to RSS feeds, the dozen or so people who look at this blog will know when I'm back in the groove. These things are cyclical. 

To all Cubs fans: I sincerely apologize for even posting what I did. I take full responsibility for the losing streak, and while I'm at it, for the ugly end to Sunday's game. Mea maxima culpa. I didn't mean for them to take me literally about "losing out." They specialize in trying to give a me stroke anyway. 

For those who follow the Anglican Soap Opera: Do, if you have not already, see the latest from the Anglican Communion Institute. I once planned to go to law school, but didn't, so I can't make any savvy comments. But it is, in any case, of major interest.

Tomorrow I head off to a conference center on the North Carolina coast, from which I return on Friday. It seems I am actually a member of the Brazil Bi-Lateral Committee (one bishop, two priests, one layperson, and an 815 handler--oops, staff officer), which is supposed to monitor and foster the covenanted relationship between the Episcopal Church and its Brazilian Anglican counterpart. We are meeting with our opposite numbers (same type of representation) from the Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil. I've been seriously cramming on conversational Portuguese, in the hope that, since I actually am Brazilian, I'll be able to speak better Portuguese than any of my American colleagues. We'll see. 

So wish me boa viagem.


Mousie and Christy's Mommy said...

Bob will be glad to know that you apologized for your Cubs comments! When he read your post he said you should have known better and that it could be the "kiss of death." So we will forgive you...but we do acknowledge that you are completely responsible for the losing streak!!!!

lee and Bob

unklephil said...

"They specialize in trying to give a me stroke anyway"? Looks like they may have succeeded...

Undergroundpewster said...

Don't go drinking any Caipirinhas.

Anonymous said...

Boa viagem, Padre Dan!!!

Deacon Francie

Anonymous said...

Say hello to the Bishop of Recife.
Consider that an Ice Breaker.

airedale said...

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