Friday, October 03, 2008

Short & Sharp

Blogging has taken a back seat to real life lately, even though there has been no shortage of material about which to opine. I’m buried in the work for which I am actually paid—and which is my life’s passion as well—so I’ve had to do some triage with my time. I do hope to be “back” on a more regular basis in due course.

Tomorrow takes me to the Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio with the parish youth group. They keep talking to me about some particular ride they want me to go on, but I have clearly explained one of the rules by which I live at my age, which is that my rear end is never higher than my head. So we’ll have to see.

One could not invent the soap opera that is the Chicago National League Ball Club. They are breaking my heart yet again, along with hundreds of thousands of others, and—most importantly, no doubt—their own. The odds are long indeed. But it is perhaps worth remembering 1984 and 2003, when they had their opponents in the same predicament—when three straight games or go home for the winter. And we know what happened. Mercifully, my agenda tomorrow will prevent me from witnessing the agony firsthand.

It will also prevent me from witnessing the agony of the Diocese of Pittsburgh voting to relocate to South America. There will be no winners tomorrow, only losers. Some of the Innocent will win, but lose in doing so. Some of the Innocent will lose, full stop. Some of Guilty will win, but find victory hollow. And some of the Guilty will lose, and become even guiltier in their loss. Am I being sufficiently cryptic?

Over the last couple of days there have been some interesting developments in Anglican cyberspace that appear to hold the potential to develop into signs of hope in the midst of this present darkness. Whether they indeed do hold that potential, and whether the potential is indeed realizable, remains to be seen. It’s a very vague and fragile foreshadowing of a possible promise at this point. If something comes of it, you’ll read about it here. If not, this paragraph never happened.


unklephil said...

Do all the rides, dude! Jessica and I managed it a couple of years ago in a single day with repeats on Magnum, Millenium Force, and Dragster. And I'm somewhat older than you with a stent, young 'un.

Anonymous said...

Primus: So, so sorry about the loss, Dan. I was really pulling for the Cubs to take the NL. Now I can only hope Boston manages to keep playing.

B: I've been following the "interesting developments" on HOB/D most closely and praying fervently for fruit -- and, of course, trying to keep my cynicism at bay (which is why I haven't posted!). If there's anything I can do that doesn't involve traveling, I'm willing to talk to anybody. Thank you for for your continued efforts.