Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My New Avatar

I won't explain.

Browse the comments on what is currently the lead essay (far right column) on Stand Firm (my name is in the title) and you'll "get it."

Thanks, Sarah!


Malcolm+ said...

All too typical a read like the rest of my infrequent forays to that site. Because you will not start from the a priori assumption that anyoe who disagrees with a conservative interpretation is therefore evil, venal and scheming, you are written off as a fool.

There is doubtless no end of evil, venality and scheming about. Neither side has a monopoly.

But in my experience, it is those who are most anxious to write off moderate and / or eirenic voices who are most likely infected with such a virus.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was that your avatar was Tintin, albeit perhaps on steroids.

Jane Ellen+ said...

Against my better judgment, I followed the link over to look-- and was reminded yet again why I don't read that site. The level of venom is not good for my blood pressure, or my soul.

Sarah said...

Dan -- you are very welcome! I thought it was a nice turn of phrase myself and you look very fine -- much fiercer than any of us could have imagined. ; )

You will note that there were more huzzahs than boos.

Did you see this find during Memorial Day that explains the mohawked, face-painting member of the 101st Airborne?


Sarah Hey

Sarah said...

Oops, sorry about the messed-up url:

Sarah Hey