Saturday, May 03, 2008

San Joaquin's Legal Status Explicated

A.S. Haley in his blog The Anglican Curmudgeon is doing top-drawer work analyzing and explaining the evolving legal situation among Anglicans in central California. His work is devastatingly thorough and inexorably logical. If you are at all interested in this mess, you will be behind the curve if you have not read this material.

Start here. Then go here. Remember that these two blog posts (and one yet to follow) are in the form of a hypothetical future memorandum from a future chancellor to a future Presiding Bishop, explaining why the Episcopal Church lost its legal battle in San Joaquin, and suggesting what can be done to reverse the damage.


Anonymous said...

Fr Dan, last night there was a comment from a priest in Gloucester, Mass. It is now gone, what happened and what precipitated that response from him?

Daniel Martins said...

The gentleman in question had seriously "flamed" me in a private email in response to something I had written on HoB/D. He ticked me off, so I decided to subject him to the cyber-equivalent of the pillory and let his hatefulness hang out there for all to see. In the cooler light of morning, however, I judged my own action as a little too snarky, so I took it down.

Anonymous said...

Vengance is mine saith the Lord! Good move Fr. Dan. No need to stoop to a level that is beneath you. He will get his come upins' on the day that the Lord deems not us!
Negative begets negative and positive begets positive!
One Day Closer

Unknown said...

A.S. Haley has posted part three of his hypothetical memorandum. It contains a Christian solution. What a novel approach.