Friday, April 20, 2007

Cultural Diversity

A couple of my parishioners had occasion to spend Easter in South Korea. They attended Mass at the (Anglican) Cathedral Church of the Advent in Seoul. They brought me several interesting materials, including this:
If you are somewhat musically literate and somewhat familiar with Anglican worship, you will recognize the music. First prize, though, goes to whomever can tell me what the text is. (And I'm already guessing that the last two lines are Gloria patri...)

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Anonymous said...

I am going to guess it is a psalm, based on the verse numbering and your guess about the Gloria Patri. There are several 6-verse psalms, the exact number varying depending on the versification used in the psalter translation. For example, Psalm 1 has 6 verses in the KJV, but 7 verses in the 1928 BCP. I am going to guess that the material you have is the 23rd Psalm. This is only a guess. Your results may vary!