Saturday, April 07, 2007

Pregnant Silence

At my desk early in the evening on Holy Saturday, needing to be back here at the church all too quickly for liturgy rehearsal and then the Great Vigil at 8:30, and needing to get a couple of winks of sleep before that. (I can't see starting any earlier, though I notice that the Romans at the cathedral down the block from my house do; it's barely even dark, and darkness is a required element of the Easter Vigil.)

I know it's dangerous for a cleric to completely meld his own spirituality with his professional commitments, but I find that I rarely have a choice. Any way I'm going to get "fed" spiritually is going to happen in and through the practice of my priesthood or it just isn't going to happen. Especially at this time of the year. But I'm OK with that. I'm always busier with details than I would like to be on Holy Saturday. No time for restful contemplation (or substantive blogging). Somehow Easter still happens and I rejoice.

I'm ready to shout the A-word, in about three hours.

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Jessica Snell said...

hear, hear!

I linked to your post here:

thanks, as always, for the good words.

peace of Christ to you,